Night Armour Black OP 32 Inch- Double Row All Black Light Bars



Australia Wide


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  • Unique stylish all black Design
  • IP68, CE RoHS complaint.
  • 5watt High Lux OSRAM leds
  • Supplied with both Side and Side mounts.
  • Combo beam (spot and Elliptical on outsides).
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Our Black Op hooded reflectors produce a wide rectangle beam in the mid-field, with less wasted light, combined with a powerful horizontal spot beam pattern, giving true useable distance. The beam pattern made is perfect for both illuminating road shoulders and adding beam distance, something not possible with conventional reflectors.

With exceptional build quality and a unique convert look this Black Op bar series will enhance the look to any vehicle.


Model : NA – DRB22C

Size     : 22 inch

LED     : Osram CHSPx 40pcs

Amp(12V/24V)    :14.6/7.18

Rated Power : 200W

Raw Lumen(lm) : 16800

Lux@1 : 810m

Dimension(mm) : | A 579.4 | B 86 | C 67.3 |



Easily Justified

The Night Armour Synergy is easily justified. Offering state of the art technology with a robust design, the Synergy is a statement of value.


The Synergy offers a robust construction whilst still maintaining a compact footprint.


Whether you have the family in the vehicle or a professional driver. Feel safe and drive with confidence knowing your driving with reliable lighting.


The Night Armour Synergy will be leading the way, no matter your lifestyle. Considerable care has been taken in the manufacturing process to ensure you are never alone in the dark.

Warranty & Support.

Rest easy. You’re in good hands.

Night Armour strives to look after our customers. Rest easy, Night Armour is an Australian business founded in Queensland. We have 11 years experience in the industry and will be more than happy to tend to your technical questions and assist you in every way possible.

The Spotter LED Work Light range is covered with a 5-year replacement warranty. If ever an issue were to occurs, you are more than welcome to lodge a warranty claim.


Night Armour is Australia’s affordable solution to high performance LED Lighting for your vehicle.

Featuring the latest technology and manufacturing methods, Night Armour is built and designed to outshine and outlast any other offering available. For a superior product and service, choose Night Armour!


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