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What’s Included:
  • Pair of Summit LED Headlight Globes
  • Summit LED Driver Module
  • Cable Ties and Adhesive Pads
  • Instructions

Summit LED Headlight Bulb Conversion

The most important of all lighting, your headlights, should be able to alert of you of oncoming hazards with total clarity and confidence. The Night Armour Summit LED Headlight Bulbs allow for seamless ‘Plug ‘n’ Play’ installation.

100% Copper

Plug ‘n’ Play

Easily Justified

The Night Armour Summit is easily justified. A low cost, viable solution to driving at night, the Night Armour Summit range offers great value and performance.


The Summit offers a perfect solution to headlight replacements for even the most compact applications.


Whether you have the family in the vehicle or a professional driver. Feel safe and drive with confidence knowing your driving with reliable lighting.


The Night Armour Summit series will be leading the way, no matter your lifestyle. Considerable care has been taken in the manufacturing process to ensure you are never alone in the dark.

Night Armour Summit Headlight Bulbs

A LED Headlight Bulb Conversion has never been easier!

The Night Armour Summit LED Headlight Bulbs have been designed to allow for simple Plug ‘n’ Play installation. With more complex multiplex systems within modern vehicles can leave you scratching your head, wondering where to go and what to do. The Summit LED Headlight Bulb has been designed to complement all modern vehicles with Original Equipment headlights, with or without CANBUS!

The Most Reliable LED Bulb, Yet.

Water Proof. Dust Proof. Night Proof

The Summit LED Headlight Bulb has no moving parts to operate. The simple design creates a reliable and robust solution to replacing Original Equipment halogen headlight globes. Completely waterproof and dustproof, the Summit has been granted an IP68 certification. No matter your lifestyle, the Summit will get you home, every time!

5700 Kelvin. Easy On The Eyes.

100% Clarity and Vibrance.

See with clarity when the going gets rough. Adverse conditions are never easy to navigate, so why make it harder? 5700 Kelvin emitters increase visibility in poor conditions and decrease light haze in high humidity allowing for a complete clarity and confidence. The Summit LED Headlight Bulbs do a great job at keeping the road ahead clear and realistic.

What About Opposing Motorists?

Anti-Glare Design.

We’ve all been dazzled by someone coming towards us with poor quality aftermarket vehicle LED globes. The Summit LED Headlight Bulb has been designed to not dazzle others, increasing the safety of those we share the road as well. The intelligent design of the Summit allows light to be emitted with the same form of a halogen globe, working with your OE headlight housing and thus increasing light projection accuracy.

100% Copper.

Superior Heat Dissipation = Longevity

The Summit LED Headlight Bulbs are 100% Copper. To increase your bulb life, Copper has been used to create the housing and heat straps. The Summit LED Bulbs will not fall subject to heat saturation and premature failure as Copper has greater thermal conductivity than any other metal available, thus keeping the LED bulb cooler.

Technology Designed with DriveSYNC Technology
Voltage 9-36V DC
Mounting Multiple Base Types
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Ampers 2.58amp @ 12V DC
Vibration Vibration Vibration dampened and shockproof to 28G
Diodes Lumiled ZES LEDs
Lumens 8000 Lumens
Light Beam Anti-Glare Design
Ingress IP68 – Water Proof up to 3 meters
Connections OE Headlight Connectors
Wiring 150mm
Housing 100% Copper
Polarity Reverse Polarity Protection


100% Copper Construction – The latest technology of design and materials allows the 100% copper construction to properly dissipate heat.

Anti Glare Design – Computer generated reflectors minimise wasted light and ensure optical accuracy and efficiency.

Mutli-volt – The Summit bulbs are 12/24 volt ready. No matter the application, the Summit is ready.

5700K – High-quality ZES diode emits a slightly warmer colour temperature to other bulbs. This greatly increases clarity of potential obstacles whilst reducing glare in adverse conditions

IP68 – The Summit bulb is 100% waterproof and has no moving parts, allowing ultra-reliable performance.

CISPR25 – 100% radio and electromagnetic frequency interference free. Automotive specification component comprises the circuit board, allowing for interference-free operation.

Warranty & Support.

Rest easy. You’re in good hands.

Night Armour strives to look after our customers. Rest easy, Night Armour is an Australian business founded in Queensland. We have 11 years experience in the industry and will be more than happy to tend to your technical questions and assist you in every way possible.

The Summit LED Headlight Bulbs are covered with a 2-year replacement warranty. If ever an issue were to occurs, you are more than welcome to lodge a warranty claim.


Night Armour is Australia’s affordable solution to high performance LED Lighting for your vehicle.

Featuring the latest technology and manufacturing methods, Night Armour is built and designed to outshine and outlast any other offering available. For a superior product and service, choose Night Armour!


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The most important of all lighting, your headlights, should be able to alert of you of oncoming hazards with total clarity and confidence. The Night Armour Summit LED Headlight Bulbs allow for seamless ‘Plug ‘n’ Play’ installation.