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Night Armour and Livid Join Australian 4wd Action

Night Armour and Livid Lighting Join forces with Australian 4wd Action as Graham and Shaun take on the harshest terrain

Genuine Night Armour Vs Imitation Products
CREE is the leading manufacturer for high-intensity diodes. CREE is based in the United States, and much to everyone’s surprise…
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The Definitive Guide To IP Ratings For Automotive Lighting

While we cover a wide range of LED lighting, our most common ratings are IP68 and IP69K. For quick reference…

How AfterPay Works & How To Get Started
AfterPay works on a simple strategy where retailers offer customers the option to pay in instalments. Purchase amounts are split…
Your Complete Guide To LED Driving Lights
By now, you would have heard about LED Driving Lights taking the market by storm. It can be difficult to…

Your Complete Guide To LED Light Bars

In a world full of technology and fast-moving trends, choosing the right LED Light Bar for your vehicle can…


Night Armour is Australia’s affordable solution to high performance LED Lighting for your vehicle.

Featuring the latest technology and manufacturing methods, Night Armour is built and designed to outshine and outlast any other offering available. For a superior product and service, choose Night Armour!


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