Your Complete Guide To LED Light Bars

In a world full of technology and fast-moving trends, picking an LED light bar for your vehicle can be challenging. A popular fitment choice, LED light bars are designed to offer driving light type performance, assisting in brightening up the road ahead. Good quality and well-made light bars will offer a dynamic blend of peripheral light whilst maintaining enough light down the middle of the road.

Auxiliary LED lighting for vehicles was a speciality product, but not anymore. The rapid growth in technology and production has led to a flood of product choices and options. LED technology now offers greater performance, durability and safety whilst travelling at night. Switching to LED technology can make a noticeable difference, irrespective of whether it’s your working in construction sites, security, search & rescue or just need to see more at night on those long, dark road.

In this guide, we will seek clarity and plunge into the truths of LED technology. We will also go through the applications and technical jargon, ensuring you make an educated decision when the times come to invest in an LED light bar!

Investing in the correct LED Light Bar for you.

The market is flooded by thousands of different models of LED bars. Choosing the right one can be quite a daunting task, it goes without saying that you will want a product that represents value whilst outperforming the majority of offerings.

It’s generally advisable that you opt for a well-established, reputable brand. It’s among the key factors that distinguish reliable LED light bars from models which aren’t worth your money.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Light Bars.

Here, you need to define exactly what you intend to use an LED light for. These come with multiple, different features and capabilities. You should, therefore, opt for a model that precisely fits your needs and preferences. Below, we delve into the key things you’ll need to factor before making any investment:

1. Number of Rows

Single, double or quad row? The number of rows doesn’t reflect the level of performance. A common belief is that more reflectors and rows equate to more performance, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

With the advancement of LED manufacturing and reflector design, most high-quality light bars can offer amazing performance and durability from only a single or double row. A properly designed product in either single or double row will offer more than enough light, what may be more important to then consider is aesthetics. Ensuring your new light bar fits the identity of your vehicle is very achievable whilst still punching out high volumes of light.

You can opt for single-row light bars if you’re seeking a low-profile model. While the dual-row lights may be brighter, the ideal type depends on your personal preferences and the vehicle you intend to install them on.

2. Length

The longer the light bar, the more current it will draw from your vehicles electrical system, the brighter it may be and the more cumbersome it will be.

You should first ensure the bar you intend to purchase will fit properly onto your vehicle. For instance, if you intend to mount the light bar onto a full-size vehicle’s roof, then you’ll want to consider getting a model that measures 40-50 inches in length.

The most popular size for general use is 20 inch, as it fits between hoops on your bull bar or looks right at home on a polished nudge bar. As mentioned previously, a well-made high output 20 inch light bar will offer more than enough light for the majority of users.

3. Water & Dust Protection Rating

You’ve probably seen things like “IP67 rated” or similar. That can be confusing unless you can grasp an understanding of the codes.

Most products are rated to IP67 or above, however, the jury is still out on that one. You are much more likely to experience an ingress of water or dust on a lower quality unit, as components have been made to a price.

The first digit of the number tells you how well sealed a device is against solid objects, as well as the protection it gives you against touching dangerous internal parts. There are seven levels, numbered from 0 to 6. Here’s a quick summary for you:

4. Voltage

Virtually all LED light bars are designed to run off of a standard 12 or 24-volt electrical system. You will commonly see a range of working voltage similar to ‘9-32V’ – this essentially means the product will operate from 9 – 36 volts. LED auxiliary lighting must have a circuit board to operate, which allow for the versatility of operating voltage – just another perk of the digital age!

5. Beam Pattern & Angle

You will find most LED driving lights, bars and work lights will have an advertised beam pattern, usually measured in degrees.

Spot beam – Spot beam is a tighter pitched reflector and should measure a beam pattern from 2 to 10 degrees. The spot beam is best used for long distance projection.

Best usable beam pattern for the spot beam is 4-6 degrees for 2 reasons:

  1. The beam pattern is tighter. A tight beam will reduce unwanted glare and reflection and ensure light is projected down the road.
  2. The concentration of light. An LED can only create so much luminous flux, therefore it is imperative that all the lumens produced are utilised properly.

Elliptical/Euro beam – If designed correctly, an elliptical beam can be very useful. Elliptical beam essentially creates a wide beam that is flat – like a band of light from the left to the right. Reducing light immediately in front of the vehicle and up in the trees can only lead to greatness. Your eyes will love you for it!

Flood/Wide beam – You will see this a lot with ‘combo beam’ which essentially means that the unit will have both spot and flood reflectors. The challenge you will find with incorporating a flood beam in a driving light or light bar is the spherical nature of the beam. You will notice a lot of light where it’s just simply not needed, resulting in a poor driving experience and eye strain.

Flood/Wide beam is best suited to work light and utility applications, where the volume of the spherical flood beam can be enjoyed.

LED Beam Comparison

6. Shape & Form-Factor

When it comes to choosing between a straight LED light bar or a curved one, it’s a matter of individual preference or aesthetics. Neither of the two shapes has a clear upside over the other. It’s upon you to decide on the shape that appeals to you the most.

Both styles have their benefits and downfalls, however, it has not yet been proven if the curved nature offers any more usability than a straight light bar. We believe that the optical characteristics of either a straight or curved bar will play a greater part in offering performance.

Night Armour LED Light Bar Range

Night Armour distances itself from other brands in the market in various ways. We’ve been at the forefront of LED technology since 2008, surpassing the competition in performance and reliability. We’ve spent over 10 years developing LED technology, in doing so we have provided a foundation of trust and reliability for our clients around the world.

Night Armour LED lights particularly boast a simple build, coming in virtually all sizes, ranging from 6 inches to 50 inches long. You’d expect a light intensity of 1,500 lumens from an average halogen headlight and around 3,500 lumens from basic High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights.

Almost all Night-Armour LED light bars will produce light intensities of over 10,000 lumens, providing a considerably bright and broad field of vision. You can further expect a lifespan of at least 50,000 hours from our LED products.
Below, we delve into the different types of Night Armour LED light bars available:

Velocity Single-Row (SR) LED Light Bar Range

The Single-Row Light Bar is the statement of value. If you’re looking for a slim and discrete high output LED light bar, the Velocity SR takes the lead. Armed with the same reflectors as our Synergy LED Driving Lights, the SR generates enormous impact on dark open roads. The stunning dynamic of the SR’s long-distance projection and wide beam offers an enormous amount of light where it is needed most.

Small and lightweight, the SR offers a plethora of mounting choice. To make life easier, the Velocity can be mounted with slide mounts or end mounts.

Synergy Specifications
Size 9 inch
Beam 5° Spot / Combo
Voltage 9-36V DC
Ingress Protection IP69K – Water Proof up to 3m
Housing A360 Swiss Cast Aluminum
Mounting 5mm Mounting System
Connections 4-pin Waterproof Deutsch® Connector
Warranty 5 Year Warranty

Enhanced Vision Performance

Your night drives will always be safe, even when travelling with your family. The Velocity SR has been built to light up the road for you up to 741 meters ahead and 84 meters wide. The innovative combination of elliptical and 5-degree spot reflectors enables it to deliver an unmatched blend of both long and wide vision.

The unit comes integrated with 3-mm shatterproof and UV-resistant GE Lexan Lens, ensuring crystal clear performance and longevity. Also, it features high bin-rate 5400-Kelvin 5W CREE XTE diodes which provide for day-like colour rendering characteristics.

The Velocity SR further employs wider-printed circuit which, in turn, allows for a low-resistance current flow and more consistent power supply to each diode. With such engineering, you’ll be free to sit back while driving, composed and relaxed.


The Velocity SR Light Bar integrates a four-stage thermal management system which reduces the drive to its diodes during extreme conditions. In turn, that helps extend the durability of its components and seals. The light bar fixings and mounting hardware are built of quality stainless steel to ensure no rust or corrosion becomes apparent.

Furthermore, it comes backed by a 5-year warranty. You can thus be assured you’ll get years of use from your light bar.

Boosted Noise Suppression

The Velocity SR Light Bar’s circuit board comes laced with top-of-the-line automotive specification components. Its CISPR25 certification provides enough assurance that it doesn’t interfere with any radio or electromagnetic interference. Communication between other road users is kept crystal clear while battling the night drive.

Also Included:

  • Mounting Brackets (316-Stainless Steel)
  • 30-Amp Wiring Harness (w/ DT06 Deutsch Connector)
  • Tools and Anti-Theft Fasteners (Tamper-Resistant)

The Velocity SR has been comprehensively designed to suit virtually all kinds of activities, irrespective of whether you’re an avid adventurer, weekend warrior, or hunting enthusiasts. It’s ideally all you’ll need for clear and extended light projection, even during long-distance hauls.

Velocity Double-Row (DR) LED Light Bar Range

The Velocity DR Series is our most powerful offering. Providing unmatched levels of projection and sheer performance, the DR is one of the most powerful light bars in its class. Combining similar design theory to the Synergy LED Driving Lights and Velocity SR light bar, the double row offering is the ‘go to’ bar choice where serious lighting volume is required. The DR has been specifically built to project enormous amounts of usable light ahead, ideal on country roads or even the winding mountain ranges.

The Velocity DR is available in various sizes, ranging from 10-inch to 50-inch lengths. It also offers multiple mounting options, which make it even more versatile.

Velocity DR Specifications
Size 10in / 20in / 30in / 40in / 50in
Beam 5° Spot / Elliptical Combo
Voltage 9-36V DC
Ingress Protection IP69K – Water Proof up to 3m
Housing 6063 Aluminum Extrusion
Mounting End Foot Mount / Extrusion Mount
Connections Waterproof Deutsch® Connector
Warranty 5 Year Warranty

Unmatched Performance

This series brings a powerful punch but in a relatively lower profile design. Credit to its large-diameter spot beam, you’ll get extremely strong long-distance illumination. The large-diameter spot blends homogeneously with the elliptical beam resulting in excellent visibility, irrespective of how dark the road is.

The Velocity DR is capable of producing light up to 84 meters wide and 960 meters long. That’s achieved by integrating 5400 Kelvin-5W XTE diodes into this model. These diodes further enable the unit to excel in both stability and reliability.

Compact and Ergonomic

The Velocity DR is sufficiently ergonomic to serve as a full-size light bar. It’s beautifully designed to match your car’s exterior identity. The 50-inch model measures only 88-mm deep and 84-mm tall, allowing for effortless mounting onto spaces you’d otherwise consider too tight for large auxiliary lighting.

Built Like a Tank

The Velocity DR LED Light Bar Series is built to last. It’s constructed from top-quality 6061 aluminium and housed within a sturdy structure, making it undoubtedly durable. Standard with overly thick stainless steel mounting brackets, enabling it to withstand virtually all kinds of rough abuse.

Also Included:

  • Mounting Brackets (316-Stainless Steel)
  • 30-Amp Wiring Harness (w/ DT06 Deutsch Connector)
  • Tools and Anti-Theft Fasteners (Tamper-Resistant)

It barely matters whether you’re a professional driver or driving with family in your vehicle. With the Velocity DR LED Light Bar, you can drive safely and confidently knowing you’re driving with confidence. Backed by a reassuring 5-year warranty crowns our DR LED Light Bar a favourite option for motorists seeking a solution that illuminates the road effectively.

Velocity Double-Row Curved (DRC) LED Light Bar Range

The Velocity DRC Series boasts a sleek, curved design. It’s availed in 40-inch and 50-inch lengths. It measures 88-mm deep and 84-mm tall while the gentle curve makes it perfect for incorporation in modern-day vehicle designs.

Velocity DR Specifications
Size 40in / 50in
Beam 5° Spot
Voltage 9-36V DC
Ingress Protection IP69K – Water Proof up to 3m
Housing 6063 Aluminum Extrusion
Mounting End Mount
Connections Waterproof Deutsch® Connector
Warranty 5 Year Warranty

Why Consider Night Armour LED Light Bars?

There are many other light bars that don’t use LED bulbs. A significant number of models available on the market utilise HIDs or halogen. But, Night Armour LED light bars are always a superior choice for all the right reasons. These include:

  1. Night Armour light bars make use of the MOST EFFICIENT LED Diodes on the market. They utilise wattage of up to half of that used in HIDs and up to a tenth of that used in halogen models.
  2. Night Armour avails LED light bars in a broad variety of sizes, shapes and styles. You can be assured you’ll find a light that best suits your vehicle’s look, especially if CUSTOMISABILITY is among your key preferences.
  3. Despite their power, Night Armour LED light bars are CONVENIENTLY SMALL. The form of mounting needed will thus take quite a compact space, adding extremely little weight on your vehicle.
  4. Night Armour employs LED circuit boards that are barely susceptible to damage brought about by impact or vibrations, making our light bars EXTREMELY DURABLE. It also renders them an excellent option for the unpredictability and bumpiness of off-roading.
  5. These lights LAST AT LEAST 50,000 HOURS on average. You shouldn’t be surprised if the light bar outlives your vehicle.

Be Aware of the Laws on Light Bars

High-intensity lights can blind drivers of the oncoming traffic. That will especially be the case if your light bars are installed or adjusted improperly. For that reason, most regions have laws and regulations regarding high-intensity LED lights.

Causing an accident or getting a ticket for illegal equipment from local law enforcers is the last thing you’ll want. You might end up paying fines that cost hundreds of dollars, depending on your area of residence. As such, it’d only be wise to ensure you know your local laws/regulations before purchasing or making use of an LED lighting bar.

Things To Consider

Night-Armour LED lighting bars are engineered to fit in various vehicles by offering a broad range of mounting options to select from. Such include marine, UTV, and ATV LED lights, as well as others designed for mounting on jeeps, trucks, and other vehicles.

Our LED lighting bars are practical, versatile, and highly effective. Such are just a few of the multiple features which render them ideal for all utility and emergency needs. Mounting one onto your vehicle is among the simplest things you can do to enhance or improve its capabilities. It’ll add some degree of usefulness and safety to your car, off-roader, or everyday truck.

The above guide arms you with all of the information you’d need to get the right LED lighting bar. Read through the guide again, determining the value each option offers. Compare their features against your preferences. Opt for one that best meets your needs, making your on-road and/or off-road drives safer and more fun.


Night Armour is Australia’s affordable solution to high performance LED Lighting for your vehicle.

Featuring the latest technology and manufacturing methods, Night Armour is built and designed to outshine and outlast any other offering available. For a superior product and service, choose Night Armour!


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